The generosity of a football team in Richhill Co Armagh provided new skips for the Namatumba Secondary School football team.
This team had won their league but when they emerged wearing these new skips it seemed as if they were ready for the world cup.

Visiting the schools in Magada Busembatia, & Namatumba and seeing how the schools are continuing to flourish providing education to some of the poorest children in the area.

Part of the reason for taking the team was to purchase a 4x4 vehicle for Patrick & Felister who are the directors of Discipleship Missions. Despite visiting several dealerships we found the 4x4 vehicles were all very expensive, even those which were 10 years old. We are now awaiting a new shipment of vehicles from Japan and then we will be in a position to purchase the much needed 4x4 vehicle.


George McMahon with Patrick & Felister and their son Hebert. George and his wife Lynn worked tirelessly raising funds for the 4x4 vehicle.

Returning to the islands for the Pastors conference. This is a church on Dagussi Island which was planted over 10 years ago and continues to serve the local community on the islands. The leaders from the surrounding districts and islands came together for a 2 day conference. As there are so many children on the island we took the opportunity to hold a children’s meeting which had the little church packed to capacity. Distributing balloons and sweets to almost 200 excited children became quite a challenge as everyone surged forward for their share.
What a joy to be able to bless these little ones with something so simple but also to have the opportunity to share with them the wonderful good news of the love of Jesus.